Knitting for Charity

knit hats

Knitting for charity is very rewarding! Image Via: Learn to Knit With Katie

It eventually strikes all of us— the desire to donate our knitted or crocheted creations to someone in need. Some of us have been inspired to donate chemo caps because we know someone with cancer, while others were introduced to the healing comfort of prayer shawls from a church prayer shawl ministry.

No matter what method we choose, knitting and crocheting for charity is one of the best things a yarn-crafter can do with their time (and their huge stash). What better way to offer someone comfort in a time of need than to cover them in the warmth of homemade love?

Personally, I love to donate prayer shawls. I have given shawls to my mother, to complete strangers, and mailed them to towns that have experienced school shootings (hoping to comfort grieving parents).  Donating your yarn creation is a selfless act —you may never know the recipient, you may never get a thank you….you just hope that the receiver feels the  extent of your caring and comfort, and that it brings them a moment of peace/happiness.

Whether you knit, crochet, sew, quilt etc… no matter what your craft choice, you can help those in need. Here is a directory that offers an extensive list of charities world-wide that are in need of your home-made love.  If you prefer to go it alone, then consider mimicking this amazing charity idea of the mystery yarn bomber(s) in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.  Wouldn’t you love to do this in your hometown!?

knit charity

Whose life can you touch with a donation of your home-made craft? Image Via: Dianne-Jones

You never know whose life you can change with a simple donation of your time and talent.

What charity do you like to donate your creations to? Please share, we would love to hear from you!


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