Crochet Headband— Free Pattern

crochet ear warmer

Crochet headband with bow accent

This is an old crochet headband pattern that I recently dug up out of my archives, so unfortunately I do not have anymore pictures, but I wanted to share the pattern none the less. It is a VERY easy pattern and any beginning crochet artist can accomplish this in one sitting. I also LOVE the adorable bow accent.

The skills required: Single crochet, slip stitch and crochet in the round.

Materials: Worsted weight yarn, darning needle, Crochet hook J/6.0mm


1) Measure the circumference of your head, wrapping the measuring tape snugly around your forehead

2) Form a slip knot and chain enough stitches until you reach your desired circumference.

3) Slip stitch the first chain into the last, being careful not to twist the yarn

4) Place a stitch marker where you joined the chains, then single crochet in the round until you reach your desired height (I like mine 2-3 inches high/thick)

5) Fasten off and weave in ends


1) Form a slip knot and chain 8 stitches

2) Single crochet back and forth until you have a band that is approximately 8 inches long ( don’t fasten off yet)

3) Join the beginning and end of this crocheted strip/band by slipstitching the ends together, and then weave in ends.

Center of Bow:

1) Form a slip knot and chain 3

2) Single crochet back and forth until you have a small narrow strip approximately one and a half inches long. Fasten off.

3) Wrap this small strip snugly around the center body of the larger bow strip you made.

4) With a darning needle  sew the ends of this small strip together, forming the center of the bow.

5) With a darning needle attach the finished bow to the headband.

Weave in all remaining ends and get ready to wear your fashionable headband!!!

If you have any troubles with this pattern please feel free to ask me for help! I’m always happy to hear from you!





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