How to Avoid Holes When Knitting in the Round

knitting in the round

Holes in knitting can happen to the best of us. Now that I am knitting socks, I have learned a lot about knitting with double pointed needles (and the resulting holes). Knitting in the round with these pointy spears can be very frustrating—especially when you suddenly notice the development of holes where your joins are, or worse a long ladder of holes.

I have found that there are two ways work to avoid holes in your knitting, so here they are:

1) Pull Tightly:

While we are normally told to maintain an even gauge and never to pull too tight on our yarn— you should break this rule when it comes to knitting in the round with double pointed needles. Every time you knit/purl from one needle to the next, those first couple stitches should be pulled rather tight…and I mean tug!

While this solves the problem of hole formation in most occurrences, you may still have a hole develop at the initial point where you joined the round, so try this next step, too:

pull yarn tight

Knit/purl the first stitch and then pull the yarn nice and tight! Do this every time you switch between double pointed needles.

2) Switch the First and Last Cast on Stitches:

Once you have cast on all of your stitches and you have your stitches evenly distributed amongst your needles, you need to slip the first cast-on stitch to the right needle and then slip the last cast-on stitch to the left needle (or vice versa—it doesn’t matter). This crosses the cast-on stitches and forms a nice tight barrier , avoiding the formation of a hole where you joined your round. Then knit/purl in the round —again, always be sure to pull your yarn tight after that first stitch when you switch from needle to needle.


Switch the first cast-on stitch with the last cast-on stitch before knitting in the round. Image Via : Stitch Diva

Do you have any tried and true tips to stop the formation of holes or ladders in your knitting? We would love to hear from you!


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