Crochet Hudson Bay Blanket


When I began the craft of crochet, I did so because I was craving uncomplicated yarn projects; ones that I could do with 2 babies in diapers and 1 toddler who was potty training ( life was hectic!). But I still needed the comfort of keeping my hands busy with yarn. Knowing that counting complicated knit rows would not work with my current life, I taught myself to crochet.

I loved the repetitive pattern of single crochet; it didn’t need my undivided attention, while my fingers worked away I could watch TV or discuss the world view of the ‘Wiggles’ with my talkative toddler.

With all that being said, I thought that I would take my blog back to a simpler time and share with you one of my older crochet projects that I completed way back when—my single crochet Hudson Bay Blanket. I gave this blanket to my Mum for a Christmas present—she collects some vintage Hudson Bay blankets and I thought this would be a fun gift for her. She loved it!!!

So, here it is, my single crochet sensation:



What do you find more relaxing, knit or crochet?


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Shelley Little has been a full-time freelance writer for 8 years. You can read her current work as a contributing writer at or at her knit and crochet blog

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  1. Wow, your crochet is immaculately neat. As for your question, I think the answer depends on whichever you’re more used to. I’m more confident as a knitter, so that’s what I do to relax. Crochet still takes a little concentration.


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