4 Free Stitch Markers That Are Perfect For Knitting And Crocheting

Those elusive little stitch markers seem to always disappear, don’t they?  One way or another, I am constantly losing mine. So what can we do in a pinch, when we need a stitch marker but cannot find one? We get creative!

I have come up with 4 unique stitch markers that you can use in your crochet or knitting—and I’m willing to bet that you have these in your home right now. Drum roll….here they are:

Rainbow Looms Make Great Stitch Markers

If you have kids, then you recently went through that wonderful Rainbow Loom phase. Now that half of these little rubbery circles have been sucked up by my vacuum, and now that my kids are tired of the craft; I had to come up with something to do with these little elastic circles (besides throw them out). Well guess what!? They make PERFECT knitting stitch markers 🙂

rainbow loom stitch markers

Earrings Make Convenient Stitch Markers

Yup! I have actually pulled out my earring and used it as a stitch marker!!! Think about it—it’s always there in a pinch, no matter where you are….your car, the park, soccer games…you almost always have on earrings, right? This style of earring I have shown in the image below is perfect for marking cables or for slipping right onto the needle in place of an ordinary circle marker.

earrings make great stitch markers for knit and crochet

Safety Pin Stitch Markers

Safety pins make perfect stitch markers for both knitting and crochet. I love them becasue they close tightly, keeping my stitches safe—and I know they won’t fall off.

safety pin stitch marker

A Simple Piece of Yarn

Have you just finished weaving in a bunch of ends on your latest project? If so, save those ends in a ziplock bag—They make great stitch markers!

string stitch marker

What unique household goods do you use for stitch markers?

Until Next Time,

Happy Crafting!!!





About freelancewritingshelleylittle

Shelley Little has been a full-time freelance writer for 8 years. You can read her current work as a contributing writer at freshome.com or at her knit and crochet blog knitandcrochetblog.com

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