Frog Feet Finished

I had to re-blog this AMAZING creation! This lady CAN KNIT!!!!

RachaelHandPaint frogfeetfinal3I cast off my latest project last night and let it block overnight.  What a crazy, crazy stitch pattern!  It’s called Fox Paws by Xandy Peters.  The pattern isn’t for the feint of heart.  There are massive increases and decreases (k5tog, SB2, k3tog anyone?) or (*KYOK, SB2* repeat 4 times) which leads to tight knitting and confusion on the needles.  I had to rip back many, many times because my stitch counts just didn’t add up and I couldn’t see or figure out where the mistake was made.  But, was it worth it, you might ask?  The answer is a definite “YES!”  😀  The pattern is so different, it almost doesn’t even look like knitting.

Up next on the needles will be some hand-dyed yarn. My youngest daughter dyed some yarn for herself and has asked that I turn her yarn creation into a beanie with cat ears. There…

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  1. I love your scarf. Your frogs feel look fabulous!


  2. congratulation for your knitting can you help me when you knitt KYOKSB2 you created 2 new sticheson right and 2 on left but after if you have for example to knitt 8 st did you use the 2 new one on left or did you pass them tho continue the row houps sorry for my English thanks


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