Why I Hate Kitchener Stitch


Blast you, Lord Kitchener, for inventing this frustrating stitch!

Yup! I will say it loud and proud—I hate kitchener stitch. I don’t care that some Lord named Herbert Kitchener invented the bloody technique.  I will continue to stomp my feet like a two year-old and refuse to do it!

Here is why I hate Kitchener stitch:

I have three kids…need I say more?

One slight interruption during the grafting process of Kitchener stitch and I am lost. If you have tried Kitchener stitch before and been interrupted, then you know what I mean. You simply cannot look up, or let your mind wander for a nano-second while attempting this stitch pattern. This just doesn’t work with my hectic, bustling household.

What is with that ear thing’ny that always pops up?

Is it just me???? For some reason no matter what I do, I get this weird little bump that pops up at the beginning of my grafting. What is it? Why is it there? I thought I did it all correctly!? Do you have this problem, too?

It is a technique for knitting experts

That is the dignified title of this stitch—a technique for experts. Well, I am certainly not a knitting expert. However, what constitutes an expert, I ask? I have been knitting off and on since I was 7 years-old and I am now 37. That’s a long time to be knitting, so I figure, if I can’t grasp this concept, then not many newbies can.

OK rant is over. What are your thoughts on Kitchener Stitch. Was Lord Kitchener the devil in disguise? Or do you love this technique?





About freelancewritingshelleylittle

Shelley Little has been a full-time freelance writer for 8 years. You can read her current work as a contributing writer at freshome.com or at her knit and crochet blog knitandcrochetblog.com

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  1. Ahaha, thanks for a good laugh. Totally understand you. Have that floppy ear-y thingy problem as well (so I’m excited to see wether anyone has some advice). However, I love being able to finish socks without that typical little circle/loop at the toe. 😉


  2. I was – I confess – too ignorant to have realized that THE Kitchener invented the pesky thing. Actually I’ve only tried it once and it went well, but I think that was down to a combination of spooky luck and a small and simple project. And it’s not something that I’m rushing to try again.


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