Izaac Mizrahi Yarn Review

izaac mizrahi yarn

Photo courtesy of Carrie Fanderclai Photography

Some of my readers are already familiar with my latest love affair—the new Izaac Mizrahi yarn collection. As if that talented man had not already given us enough fabulous fashion through his clothing, he decided to forge into fashioning yarn as well.

I am definitely not complaining about his decision to venture into the yarn world. In fact, I think it was a very smart business move. Why focus on just being a fashion mogul when you can take dominion over the yarn world ? After all, who wants to be surrounded by skinny, scantily clad models all day when they could be wrapped up in cozy yarn concoctions instead 😉

Anyway, in my last post I shared with you my discovery of this Izaac Mizrahi yarn.  Since that post, the skeins I bought have been taunting me from the corner of my office saying, “come play with me”. I have finally managed to make a quick cowl scarf out of the Lexington Yarn, and let me tell you it is fabulous to work with! Here is my friend, and talented photographer, modeling the knit cowl that I made for her:

cowl scarf

Photo courtesy of Carrie Fanderclai Photography

The variegated colors in this yarn are vibrant, vivacious and very satisfying to watch develop as they work up (and no, I am not getting paid to say this 😉

The yarn is super bulky with a wool, acrylic mix, making it wearable and not too scratchy. Actually, it is down right SOFT!!!  My only complaint about this colorful yarn is that my skeins had a funny smell to them. Yes, they actually smelled a lot like manufacturing oil. It was very weird, but no matter how much I tried to air it out, the smell remained.

This off-putting smell is probably just the case with the batch I bought (maybe something went wrong in the factory?), but maybe give this yarn the sniff test before you buy.

Have you had the pleasure of working with this yarn? What color did you choose? I would love to see pictures!


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