Did You Accomplish Your Christmas Knit List?

yarn stash projects in progress

Does your work-in-progress stash look like this one? Image via Ellie Belle

My answer to that question is a capital NO!  In fact, I am feeling downright bad about myself right now due to the fact that I did not finish one, yes NOT EVEN ONE, Christmas gift that I had planned to knit.

Oh sure, I started lots of projects—I got the ribbing done on a lovely red, wool, cable-knit hat for my mother, and I started a fur cowl but the fur got all funky and I had to rip out like 10 rows, so I put that aside in frustration. Oh, and I have half of a pair of socks finished.

knitting joke

Is this how you feel? Image Via Pinterest

Then there is that bag of yarn sitting in the corner of my den mocking me. Yes, that bag is full of unrealized dreams of fabulous knit Christmas creations that never even got near the point of a needle.

Alas, here I am—Christmas is over, so what do I do now? I really want to just sit and selfishly knit something for ME! Something that makes me feel better and feel accomplished. Why does that feel like such a bad thing? Are all of us knitters plagued with such guilt when it comes to making something for ourselves? Well, I dare say a little selfish knitting is just what the doctor ordered.

So join me in tossing aside that unfinished Christmas knit list (I’ll pick it back up next December). Don some comfy yoga pants, pour a glass of wine, grab some lush yarn from your stash (might as well grab some from that bag of unused Christmas present yarn) and make yourself something special. Hmmm a hat sounds good right about now…I hear it will be a cold January.

Did you finish all your knit or crochet Christmas gifts, or were you like me, a totally well-intended knitter who tragically failed to realize a single goal ?


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Shelley Little has been a full-time freelance writer for 8 years. You can read her current work as a contributing writer at freshome.com or at her knit and crochet blog knitandcrochetblog.com

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