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Upcycling A Turtle Neck Sweater Into A Cowl Infinity Scarf

cowl scarf

Completed project—–Upcycled cowl neck scarf

So I had this old sweater with a hole in it. I loved the neckline and didn’t want to throw it out. Hmmm what can I do with it ( besides toss it)? Here is the sweater before I touched it:

sweater beforeThen I was struck with the brilliant idea of cutting off the cowl neck from the sweater to see if I could create a simple cowl neck scarf instead.

cutting sweatercut sweater

I continued to cut around the edging where the neck was attached to the sweater, being careful to cut below the binded area to ensure the knit did not unravel.

I dare say that you could find any old turtleneck or cowl neck sweater at the thrift store and turn it into a lovely cowl neck scarf. Recycling at its best 🙂

Have you ever upcycled old clothing? If so, what did you upcycle?





Cable Knit Hat and Recycled Mittens

Brrrrrr! It was a chilly Halloween last night! Luckily, I had just finished my new cable knit hat! And I had these recycled  mittens on hand that my oh, so talented Mum made me last Christmas—they certainly kept my fingers nice and warm.

recycled mittens

Today, I will share the pattern my Mum followed to make these amazing recycled mittens! Essentially, I dug out some cashmere and angora sweaters that had moth holes, and then Mum cut the pattern out of the good parts of the sweater. Follow this link to view the free up-cycled mitten pattern that she used. These are fleece-lined, so they are sooooo warm and cozy!

My head was also nice and toasty thanks to this chunky wool cable knit hat that I just finished.  As you can see, my daughter very quickly decided that this one was hers LOL!

cable knit hat cable winter hat

This hat was so easy to make and is perfect for the beginner that is looking to try cables for the first time. I will say that the original pattern was meant to be very slouchy, but I altered mine into a snug-fitting hat. Try this free hat pattern  if you want to try the slouchy version of this hat.

Until next time,

Happy Crafting!!!!

Cowl Neck Scarf For Your Dog


Cowl neck scarves are all the rage, so why not have one for your dog, too!?  I have two toy poodles (long story how this girl who grew up with hunting dogs ended up with fluffy toy poodles LOL). I love cowl necks, so I decided my little doggies should match me and have their own cowl neck scarf 😉

If you are as crazy about your little doggies as I am, then try making one of these easy puppy cowls. Here is a free crochet pattern to try:

1) Chain width of dogs neck, allowing for some stretch

2) Single crochet first row

3) Then single crochet into the back loops only for all remaining rows

4) Continue in back loops only until you have desired length (I kept testing it on my furry friend). Then fold your work in half and slip stitch beginning row and last row, attaching them together. Bind off and weave in ends.

Here is one picture of the completed project:

cowl 1

cowl 2

What is your favorite dog accessory?

Until Next Time,

Happy Crafting!!!


How To Crochet Spooky Halloween Hats

crochet candy corn hat

For the past couple Halloween seasons my daughter has requested that I crochet her a hat to go with her costume. The year she wanted to be a candy corn was the year that I discovered that a simple crochet witch hat pattern can be modified into almost anything!

Think about it— a witch hat can be modified into a hat for a warlock or a wizard or even a Santa Claus costume by simply changing the yarn color and width of the brim! Or you can do what I did; I omitted the brim entirely, then used classic candy corn colors to make a cute candy corn hat!

Use your imagination! How would you modify this simple witch hat pattern into something spookily spectacular?

crochet witch hat

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Until Next Time,

Happy Crafting!!!!

Crochet Boot Cuffs or Boot Toppers—FREE Pattern

corchet boot cuff 2

Fall is in the air ! It’s time to buy boot cuffs or boot toppers—the perfect fall fashion accessory.   But why not make your own instead of buying? These are so simple to make and perfect for the beginning knitter or crocheter.

Here is the pattern I used for this pair:

1) Chain 6

2) single crochet first row

3) single crochet next row in back loops only

4) continue in back loops only until your work wraps snugly around calf

5) hold first and last rows together and slip stitch them together, you now have a loop

6) round 1—single crochet around the top of the loop you have formed

7) round 2— half double crochet in the round until your cuff measures approx 5 inches.

8) bind off, weave in ends and sew on button

boot cuff 1

crochet boot cuff 3

Cable Knit Hat—Free, Easy Pattern

cable knit hat

Oh, how I love cables! This free cable knit hat pattern from Lion brand is my new favorite for Fall. The first time I tried this pattern I used a cheaper acrylic yarn (something I tend to do the first time I try any pattern), but now that I know how much I love it, I plan to use a nice fisherman’s wool for the next cable hat.

I also added the button…I simply cannot resist adding buttons to ALL the hats I make. I’m not sure why, but a hat feels empty to me without at least one big accent button.

I think a beginner can try this pattern—even if you have never tried knitting cables before. It can seem like too many needles when you are knitting in the round on double-pointed needles and a cable needle is thrown into the mix, but you need to just concentrate the two needles that you are currently working with, ignoring all the others clattering in the background, begging to be picked up.

I love using wooden double-pointed needles because they are so grippy (no worrying about slipped stitches). So, I usually use a double-pointed needle as my cable needle, too ( as shown in the image below).

knitting cables in the round

Here I am balancing four double pointed needles and a smaller double-pointed for my 2/2 cable pattern.

Here is another picture of the complete project:

fall cable knit hat

What do you think? I’m aware that I made a mistake in this pattern (can you spot it?) but I didn’t bother to frog it as this was really just a sample hat. Try the pattern and see if you like it as much as I do! I plan to make MANY more 🙂

Until next time, Happy crafting!

Free Knit And Crochet Shawl Patterns That You Must Try

knit shawl 2

This knit shawl is perfect for Fall. Image Source: Renee Knits Too

Wow! It’s Friday already. Time is sure flying by with the kids in school. Since I am currently wrapped up in knitted socks from toes to nose, I thought it would be fun to share some Pinterest picks that I plan to create soon. Both are free patterns—one for a knit shawl and one for a crochet shawl.

I love creating comforting shawls. They are so flexible, as they can be worn so many different ways. Without further ado, here are my two picks for upcoming shawl projects. Click on the links within the text for access to the free patterns 🙂

Knit Shawl

I loooove the look of this chunky knit shawl. The free pattern can be found here. This pattern is next on my project list for sure! A larger picture of this shawl is also shown in my featured image above.

knit shawl

 Crochet Shawl

This crochet shawl looks so lovely. I plan to use the same red color yarn—pops of red are perfect for Fall.  You can find this free pattern here. It may require some blocking, but you could probably crochet this in one weekend.

crochet shawl

You may be able to complete this crochet shawl in a weekend. Image Source: Crochet in Color

Do you have any knit or crochet patterns that are dying to hop onto your needles for Fall?


Knit socks—The Sock Saga Continues

knit socks

I have a bit of a sock’y’ situation on my hands as of late. Learning how to knit socks has become my downfall. I simply CANNOT stop. Once I finished my pink striped pair (shown above) , I immediately began a chunky cotton pair (progress pictured below) out of a luscious organic cotton that I have had hiding in my stash for awhile. This pair will act as my winter slippers during the cold Iowa nights (funny to come out of my mouth since I originate from Canada, eh?)

cotton sock in progress

Then a visit to Hobby Lobby did me in, I picked up 4 skeins of Patons Kroy Sock Yarn and then knabbed their free pattern for Spiral Socks. This will be my first attempt at knitting the finer sock yarn, but I figure it will only make me fall in love even more with this silly sock obsession.

Patons sock yarn

Have you tried this Patons sock pattern before? I would love to hear what you thought of it. Maybe you have a better sock pattern to share with me?

Happy Yarning everyone!!!

From: Silly Sock girl 😉



Crochet Hudson Bay Blanket


When I began the craft of crochet, I did so because I was craving uncomplicated yarn projects; ones that I could do with 2 babies in diapers and 1 toddler who was potty training ( life was hectic!). But I still needed the comfort of keeping my hands busy with yarn. Knowing that counting complicated knit rows would not work with my current life, I taught myself to crochet.

I loved the repetitive pattern of single crochet; it didn’t need my undivided attention, while my fingers worked away I could watch TV or discuss the world view of the ‘Wiggles’ with my talkative toddler.

With all that being said, I thought that I would take my blog back to a simpler time and share with you one of my older crochet projects that I completed way back when—my single crochet Hudson Bay Blanket. I gave this blanket to my Mum for a Christmas present—she collects some vintage Hudson Bay blankets and I thought this would be a fun gift for her. She loved it!!!

So, here it is, my single crochet sensation:



What do you find more relaxing, knit or crochet?

Quick Crochet Patterns

Whew! I survived the first week of school! The kids started on Wednesday, and even though it has only been half a week, it seems like I’ve accomplished a lot! Of course, there is never enough time in my day for knitting and crocheting.

I am looking forward to the weekend; I am all caught up on my writing work and I plan to spend the weekend finishing my socks and maybe starting another pair.

I like projects that I can quickly finish up— this way I get the quick gratification of a finished piece 🙂  With that being said, I thought that I would devote this post to a few crocheted pieces that you could finish in a weekend.

So here are three of my top crochet picks that you can start Friday night and have finished by Sunday:

crochet scarf

This is a fun and easy neck warmer! Pattern via: Fiber Flux

crochet hat

I love this crochet hat!!! Pattern via: DIY Candy

crochet cat toy

For all you cat lovers 🙂 Pattern via: Dabbles and Babbles

What are you working on this lovely weekend?


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