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Dog Impaled By Knitting Needle And Lives to Bark About It

Little Tutti has a warning for all of us knitters who also happen to be pet owners—store your needles away from your fur babies!

This sweet little Papillon was one lucky dog. While the knitting needle did pierce this puppies heart, she miraculously survived thanks to the talented hands of a local veterinarian in her hometown of Durham, N.C. (and thanks to the fact that the needle was very fine—probably a size 2).

Here is an x-ray showing how the needle intersected with the dogs heart. Scary!

knitting needle in dogs heart

This is one lucky dog!

We are so happy to here that Tutti is fine, although she has learned the hard lesson that all of us knitters know— at times, knitting can be RUFF.






Cowl Neck Scarf For Your Dog


Cowl neck scarves are all the rage, so why not have one for your dog, too!?  I have two toy poodles (long story how this girl who grew up with hunting dogs ended up with fluffy toy poodles LOL). I love cowl necks, so I decided my little doggies should match me and have their own cowl neck scarf 😉

If you are as crazy about your little doggies as I am, then try making one of these easy puppy cowls. Here is a free crochet pattern to try:

1) Chain width of dogs neck, allowing for some stretch

2) Single crochet first row

3) Then single crochet into the back loops only for all remaining rows

4) Continue in back loops only until you have desired length (I kept testing it on my furry friend). Then fold your work in half and slip stitch beginning row and last row, attaching them together. Bind off and weave in ends.

Here is one picture of the completed project:

cowl 1

cowl 2

What is your favorite dog accessory?

Until Next Time,

Happy Crafting!!!


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