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Celebrities Who Knit

I just love to see images of celebrities knitting! It changes the whole character of a celebrity; It alters their image from glamorous red carpet star, to ordinary gal who sits in flannel Pj’s and knits by the fire with a good glass of wine and a cat curled up in her lap.

While I am not one to read a lot of gossip magazines, I have noted a recent rise of celebrities caught knitting by said magazines. I dare say that the hot trend for 2015 is learning to knit. Perhaps it’s the astounding popularity of old-school shows such as Downton Abbey that have brought about this knitting revival? Regardless of the reason, knitting is weaving its way into the hearts of many.

Here are some recent images of celebrities who have caught the knitting bug:


Katherine Heigl shows us that even celebrates need to build a yarn stash. Image Via: The Hot Hits



Most of us knitters already know that the glamorous Vanna White is such an avid knitter that she has her own line of yarn. Image Via: Craftsy


sarah jessica parker knitting

Even fashion diva Sarah Jessica Parker has caught the kitting bug. Image Via: Pinterest

Who is your favorite knitting celebrity?

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