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Are The People On Your Christmas List Knit Worthy?


A grateful recipient warms the knitters heart. Image Via: Positive Parenting

I think that all of us knitters and crocheters are familiar with the feeling— the feeling you get when you excitedly gift one of your handmade creations only to discover that the receiver is an unappreciative a$%*#… sorry for the profanity LOL, but you know that’s what you’re thinking, right?

Oh! Those stitches that you lovingly worked till the wee hours of the night, as you dreamed of the smile and look of surprise on the receivers face as they gleefully unwrapped their knitted gift. Alas, your dream is quickly dashed when you see the fake smile on their face and they say, “Gee, thanks what is it? Or, “Thanks, I’ll give it to my dog as a chew toy”.

OK, so those scenarios are slight exaggerations, but we have all gifted one of our handmade goods only to see the lack of appreciation on the receivers face. Hence, the creation of the saying, knit worthy.

These unappreciative receivers do not seem to understand that we toil away hours knitting as a form of love and caring— each stitch is like a little yarn hug.

So, this Christmas I want to stop all yarn artists from giving their wonderful creations to non-knit worthy recipients.

Here is my (rather lengthy) definition of a knit worthy person. Take careful notes, as this is the only type of person who truly deserves your knitted, crocheted or handmade gifts this Christmas:

  • Topping my list: A kind-hearted person who almost always has a smile on their face.
  • All people in the professions of: nursing, paramedics, army, firefighting, police work (see the theme? People who give their lives for others are always worthy of knitted goods.)
  • Homeless people
  • Sweet nieces, nephews, sisters, aunts, uncles (notice the clause ‘Sweet’)
  • Your Mum. Yes your mother will ALWAYS appreciate your handmade goods and cherish them just as she cherished your artwork in kindergarten.
  • Your Dad. If you have a Dad like mine, then he belongs in the same category as your Mum.
  • Your husband or boyfriend. Careful with this one— knitted gifts to unappreciative boyfriends have been the cause of many breakups. Personally, my hubby is the best hubby in the world but he is not knit worthy. Why? Well, he loves that I enjoy my craft, but he just doesn’t get it.
  • Your Pet. Yup, your pet will always remain a loving, knit worthy companion.
  • Your Grandmother or Grandfather

I think that is it. Who is on your knit worthy list? Have you ever had the disappointment of giving to a  non-knit worthy recipient? If so, how did you react/feel?





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