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Celebrities Who Knit

I just love to see images of celebrities knitting! It changes the whole character of a celebrity; It alters their image from glamorous red carpet star, to ordinary gal who sits in flannel Pj’s and knits by the fire with a good glass of wine and a cat curled up in her lap.

While I am not one to read a lot of gossip magazines, I have noted a recent rise of celebrities caught knitting by said magazines. I dare say that the hot trend for 2015 is learning to knit. Perhaps it’s the astounding popularity of old-school shows such as Downton Abbey that have brought about this knitting revival? Regardless of the reason, knitting is weaving its way into the hearts of many.

Here are some recent images of celebrities who have caught the knitting bug:


Katherine Heigl shows us that even celebrates need to build a yarn stash. Image Via: The Hot Hits



Most of us knitters already know that the glamorous Vanna White is such an avid knitter that she has her own line of yarn. Image Via: Craftsy


sarah jessica parker knitting

Even fashion diva Sarah Jessica Parker has caught the kitting bug. Image Via: Pinterest

Who is your favorite knitting celebrity?


4 Things Every Beginner Knitter Needs To Have

Knitting girls with color

There are some basic supplies that you will need before you begin on your knitting or crochet journey. Image Via: Continuinged North Seattle

It seems that knitting and crochet are trendy again—finally! Long gone are the stereotypes of Grandma knitting in her rocking chair (although personally, that is still quite a comforting image since that is how I plan to spend my retirement years).

Rather, it seems that the new world of knitters are funky, fun, young and dare to be different. Take Stephen West for example, or the many crochet artists who were drawn into the love of hook and yarn thanks to the revival of vintage crochet styles.

Knitting has been given a fashionable nudge with runway clothing designers such as Izaac Mizrahi hopping onto the knitting bandwagon with their very own lines of yarn. Although, some of us knitters may fondly remember watching Martha Stewart in her ‘coming home poncho’ as she waved to us from the television screen (and as we all wondered if her reputation would survive)—did these images reignite the knitting bug? Maybe. Either way, I am just happy to see that knitting and crocheting has become hip and trendy again. Which leads me to the whole point of this post—

What does every beginning knitter or crocheter need to have in order to begin a successful journey into the world of learning to knit and crochet?


Image via Pinterest

1) A Patient Teacher

No matter what, if you want to delve into the craft of knitting or crochet, then you will need a skilled teacher who is PATIENT. One that you can call as quick as a dropped stitch and ask, “What on earth does PSSO mean???”

Yes, a skilled teacher is a must in order to learn this complicated craft. If you do not know of anyone off-hand, then pop into your local yarn store and ask if there is someone willing to teach you. You will soon discover that knitters and crocheters are some of THE FRIENDLIEST people on earth!

2) A Basic Set Of Needles or Hooks

Hooks and needles are the tools of the trade and trust me, it may be a bit of an initial expense, but it is best to invest in a basic set of knitting needles or crochet hooks. I suggest that you buy the most used needle or hook sizes. For knitting, you should buy sizes 6 through 10. Once you improve your skills, then  you can buy some smaller and larger needles. For crochet, I suggest buying sizes E through K. Again, once you improve, you can purchase more varying sizes.

Also, don’t worry too much about buying the expensive wood needles and hooks—those can come later as your skills increase, for now just buy the basic plastic or steel ones.

3) Yarn, of Course

This is where the fun begins!!!! You will quickly fall in love with all the yarn offerings that are currently on the market. Oh, nothing gets me as excited as a colorful sock yarn (not even my husband)—I begin to drool at the thought of its variegations and patterns that will appear as I knit.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. At the beginning it is best to stick with simple and cheap versions of yarn such as worsted weight acrylics or acrylic blends. There will be many scarves that turn into triangles as you begin, so be patient and buy cheaper yarn until your skills improve.

4) Stitch Markers

You will quickly discover that stitch markers are a must when it comes to knitting or crocheting in the round ( in a seamless circle). But guess what! You actually don’t have to buy these—read one of my older posts to learn all about the free stitch markers that you have lying around your home 🙂

So there you have it! Load up on these simple supplies and enjoy the beginning of your yarn’y adventures. I guarantee that with time and patience, you will become an obsessed yarn-a-holic just like me 🙂

Until Next Time,

Happy Crafting!




Cable Knit Hat and Recycled Mittens

Brrrrrr! It was a chilly Halloween last night! Luckily, I had just finished my new cable knit hat! And I had these recycled  mittens on hand that my oh, so talented Mum made me last Christmas—they certainly kept my fingers nice and warm.

recycled mittens

Today, I will share the pattern my Mum followed to make these amazing recycled mittens! Essentially, I dug out some cashmere and angora sweaters that had moth holes, and then Mum cut the pattern out of the good parts of the sweater. Follow this link to view the free up-cycled mitten pattern that she used. These are fleece-lined, so they are sooooo warm and cozy!

My head was also nice and toasty thanks to this chunky wool cable knit hat that I just finished.  As you can see, my daughter very quickly decided that this one was hers LOL!

cable knit hat cable winter hat

This hat was so easy to make and is perfect for the beginner that is looking to try cables for the first time. I will say that the original pattern was meant to be very slouchy, but I altered mine into a snug-fitting hat. Try this free hat pattern  if you want to try the slouchy version of this hat.

Until next time,

Happy Crafting!!!!

Socktober is Here!

It’s the best time of the year—Sock month!  Socktober has finally arrived, and I have been ankle deep in knitting socks all month long. I thought that it would be the perfect time to share with you what has recently come off my needles and what is currently on them. Here is a hint—think socks!!!

Here are the short zebra socks that I finished for my daughter. She wanted them to be very short, but I really need to make a long pair in this fabulous zebra stripe pattern very soon.

zebra socks

A dear friend of mine also wanted a worsted pair of cuff socks, so here is what I made for her:

worsted weight sock

For Christmas guess what everyone is getting? You guessed it—SOCKS!!! Here is the pair that I have started for my Mum

(Papa DO NOT show this post to Mum )

sock in progress

Are you celebrating Socktober by knitting up some funky socks?

Frog Feet Finished

I had to re-blog this AMAZING creation! This lady CAN KNIT!!!!

RachaelHandPaint frogfeetfinal3I cast off my latest project last night and let it block overnight.  What a crazy, crazy stitch pattern!  It’s called Fox Paws by Xandy Peters.  The pattern isn’t for the feint of heart.  There are massive increases and decreases (k5tog, SB2, k3tog anyone?) or (*KYOK, SB2* repeat 4 times) which leads to tight knitting and confusion on the needles.  I had to rip back many, many times because my stitch counts just didn’t add up and I couldn’t see or figure out where the mistake was made.  But, was it worth it, you might ask?  The answer is a definite “YES!”  😀  The pattern is so different, it almost doesn’t even look like knitting.

Up next on the needles will be some hand-dyed yarn. My youngest daughter dyed some yarn for herself and has asked that I turn her yarn creation into a beanie with cat ears. There…

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Hand Dyed Yarn

hand dyed yarn

I’m am so excited to get this hand dyed yarn on my knitting needles!!  I just picked it up at my local farmers market. The problem is, I cannot decide what to make with it. It is the perfect sock yarn, but for some reason, I really want to make something else with this lovely hand dyed yarn.

I need suggestions, what do you think I should make?

Short but sweet today, fellow crafters…..gotta get back to knitting my boot cuffs and finishing up the zebra socks that I promised my daughter.

Until next time,

Happy Crafting 🙂

I Want To Sit Like An Old Lady And Knit All Day

old lady knitting

Image Source: Picasa Web

Life has gotten in the way of my knitted bliss.  Knitting is like therapy for me, and I need MUCH more therapy than I have been getting lately.  I have been running around like a wild turkey—trying to meet work deadlines and trying to finish commissions for my knitted boot cuffs (deadlines tend to take away the calmness of knitting for me). I am blessed beyond means, so I know that I shouldn’t complain about poor wittle me who feels overwhelmed… (said in my best baby voice).

I am actually happy and at my best when I am overwhelmed and busy—it makes me get down to work and get ‘er done. It is just that there has been some unexpected crap thrown my way lately; crap that makes me stop for a second and wallow in self-pity. All will be well—this I know. I am a pretty optimistic person most of the time, and I’ve always had a very strong faith in a higher power.

Anyway, since I am wallowing, I thought I would take a moment to dream of the days when I am an old lady— the days when I have nothing better to do but sit and knit. Hence, the picture that I attached to this post.

Ins’t this picture funny!? I love it!!! This is what I want to do in retirement—sit and knit like an old bitty with my two toy poodles at my feet. Until then, I will deal with all that life throws at a person like me who has three young kids and a busy, yet very blessed, life.

How do you escape those hectic days?

Until next time,

Happy Crafting!!



Knit Socks—Soothing My Soul and My Sole


I can knit socks (well, at least one sock). I know it’s ridiculous that a single knitted sock can bring me such pride; such joy; such feelings of adequacy! As I look down at my foot donned in this singular, glorious knit sock creation I want to scream—I MADE THIS!

I am filled with such giddy pride. It’s a feeling I equate to the times when one of my 3 children excelled at something. My daughter got an A in math — I made a SOCK! My son got a goal in hockey—I made a SOCK! My youngest learned to tie his shoes—I made a SOCK!

It’s really silly, but it’s just plain old true. The moment I was finished my first knitted sock I rushed to the phone to call my Father (the man who is always proud of me no matter what—Yes, I am lucky to have such a Dad).

“I’m done!” I squealed with delight into the receiver.

” Done what?” He asked, sounding rather tired (it was 11pm in Canada)

” My SOCK!!” I screamed into the phone, waving the sock in the air as though he could see it.

” Ahhhh,” He said, feigning excitement for me.

knit sockgusset and heel of knit sock

I think I am filled with such pride because, in my mind,  knitting a sock was for those “other knitters”—you know the talented ones who could knit the most complicated things and make it look simple. I never put myself in that class of knitters. In fact, it is a bad habit in my life to put myself down into a lower level no matter what I am doing, and no matter how much experience I have.

The whole time I was working on this sock I kept thinking, this isn’t going to work out. Even when it was finished and I was slipping it onto my foot for the first time, I was thinking, it won’t fit, I’m sure it will be lopsided. But no! This glorious sock slid onto my foot and fit perfectly!!!!!

With renewed knitting confidence, a soothed soul and a soothed sole (thanks to a very cushy sock of one foot), I will approach the next phase of my knitting career—the 2nd sock to make this one part of a pair.

Has knitting made you feel this way before? Please share your knitting stories! Isn’t it amazing what this simple craft can do for our lives and our esteem?

3 New Adventures In Knitting

cable ear warmer headband

This one had me in knots for awhile but I did manage to complete it. Pattern courtesy of Craftsy.

Knitting Acceptance:

The first steps to admitting that you are an addict is acceptance, right?  Well, I formally admit to the world that I, Shelley Little, am addicted to yarn.

I know that I am not alone in this addiction. All you other yarn-a-holics out there need to accept your addiction, as well. Go ahead, shout it out from the roof-tops — Yarn is my addiction! It could be worse, right?  Yes, we spend a lot of money on something that seems frivolous to others — especially to our husbands (or wives of those male knitters/crocheters). But it is sooooooo worth it when we find that perfect pattern to match that perfect skein that has been hiding in our stash for years.

knit shawl scarf

I love wearing shawls “backwards”. This was a free shawl pattern from Lion Brand

shawl scarfshawl

How it Began:

My addiction began rather innocently with a trip to Grandma’s house. At the ripe age of 6, my grandmother taught me to knit, and soon I was obsessively knitting row upon row of garter stitch (ignoring the weird triangular shape the scarf was taking on).

Over the years, my knitting expanded to crochet. For many years, I was only crocheting because I found it quicker, easier and more satisfying — I had three young children who certainly were not conducive to counting complicated rows of knitting.

Now that my children are getting older, I have taken up the knitting needles again. I had to re-teach myself some basics, but it was mostly like riding a bike.  In the past few weeks, the addiction has firmly taken hold of me and I cannot stop knitting. I have been obsessively trying new techniques — especially cables — oh! the wild ride of those tempting little yarn twists and turns…you never know where they are going to take you.

cable scarf

This was my first attempt at cables. The finished scarf was mailed to my Mum for her birthday.

cable scarf close-up

Here is a close-up of the cable pattern. Not too bad for my first try, right?

Have you recently become addicted to yarn? Or are you already a junkie? Please share your adventures in knitting or crochet, and don’t be shy! Show me some of your most recent masterpieces  (or should I say, your most recent high’s?)

finished cable ear warmer headband

I finished it! Had to rip out a few rows at times, and I still see a few mistakes, but who cares!? I did it!!!


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