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This Online Boutique Is Truly The Cherry On Top

Hmmmm, what’s better than ice cream with a cherry on top? Nothing could be sweeter!

Speaking of sweet, there is an online boutique that is owned and operated by two sweet ladies that live locally in my state of Iowa. The name of their store? You guessed it, The Cherry On Top Boutique. This online store is like a bowl full of candy with colorful confections such as these scrumptious children’s bows and headbands:

baby headband

Being modern and trendy mothers on a mission to share their love of fashion, they also offer plenty of yummy fashions for all of us minivan moms. Of course, these stylish store offerings are much more trendy than yoga pants:

red and black plaid shirt

black and white striped t-shirt dress

Yes, this store dishes up some wonderful confections that are worth buying!  Visit the The Cherry On Top Boutique to see what’s new today. P.S. You may see a few of my boot cuffs there for sale, too 😉

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