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Upcycling A Turtle Neck Sweater Into A Cowl Infinity Scarf

cowl scarf

Completed project—–Upcycled cowl neck scarf

So I had this old sweater with a hole in it. I loved the neckline and didn’t want to throw it out. Hmmm what can I do with it ( besides toss it)? Here is the sweater before I touched it:

sweater beforeThen I was struck with the brilliant idea of cutting off the cowl neck from the sweater to see if I could create a simple cowl neck scarf instead.

cutting sweatercut sweater

I continued to cut around the edging where the neck was attached to the sweater, being careful to cut below the binded area to ensure the knit did not unravel.

I dare say that you could find any old turtleneck or cowl neck sweater at the thrift store and turn it into a lovely cowl neck scarf. Recycling at its best 🙂

Have you ever upcycled old clothing? If so, what did you upcycle?





Cowl Neck Scarf For Your Dog


Cowl neck scarves are all the rage, so why not have one for your dog, too!?  I have two toy poodles (long story how this girl who grew up with hunting dogs ended up with fluffy toy poodles LOL). I love cowl necks, so I decided my little doggies should match me and have their own cowl neck scarf 😉

If you are as crazy about your little doggies as I am, then try making one of these easy puppy cowls. Here is a free crochet pattern to try:

1) Chain width of dogs neck, allowing for some stretch

2) Single crochet first row

3) Then single crochet into the back loops only for all remaining rows

4) Continue in back loops only until you have desired length (I kept testing it on my furry friend). Then fold your work in half and slip stitch beginning row and last row, attaching them together. Bind off and weave in ends.

Here is one picture of the completed project:

cowl 1

cowl 2

What is your favorite dog accessory?

Until Next Time,

Happy Crafting!!!


25 Ways To Wear A Scarf

how to wear a scarf

25 ways to wear a scarf. Image via: YouTube

I just had to share this video for all of us scarf-lovers out there. I know that most yarn-a-holics like me loooooove to wear scarves, and coming up with new ways to wear them is always challenging. So, click here to watch 25 amazing ways to wear a scarf.



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