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Upcycling A Turtle Neck Sweater Into A Cowl Infinity Scarf

cowl scarf

Completed project—–Upcycled cowl neck scarf

So I had this old sweater with a hole in it. I loved the neckline and didn’t want to throw it out. Hmmm what can I do with it ( besides toss it)? Here is the sweater before I touched it:

sweater beforeThen I was struck with the brilliant idea of cutting off the cowl neck from the sweater to see if I could create a simple cowl neck scarf instead.

cutting sweatercut sweater

I continued to cut around the edging where the neck was attached to the sweater, being careful to cut below the binded area to ensure the knit did not unravel.

I dare say that you could find any old turtleneck or cowl neck sweater at the thrift store and turn it into a lovely cowl neck scarf. Recycling at its best 🙂

Have you ever upcycled old clothing? If so, what did you upcycle?




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